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Jul 19, 2015

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC

Artist Profile - Kevin Gilbert

with special guest Brian Ibbott


We delve into the career and catalogue of singer, song writer, and producer Kevin Gilbert. 

We talk about his early work with Toy Matinee and Giraffe. We talk about his work with a list artists and his later work that he did that really defined him as a musician and artist. 


Our playlists


Long Day’s Life  


Funeral For a Dead Friend

God’s Been Tapping My Phone

When You Give Your Love to Me 




Ballad of Jenny Ledge



Things She Said

Kashmir (because I need to have ONE cover in here) 

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Cover art by: Phil Rood

That Darn Ted
almost nine years ago

It was great to just wallow in the podcast with a couple of guys who've actually heard of Kevin Gilbert. Thanks! Now I have to head back to Pop+1 and finish up my collection. ^_^