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Apr 29, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

Lou Brutus

I am joined by radio personality, photographer, band member and author Lou Brutus to talk about about his life and about his new book.

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Apr 26, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

David Weiner joins me to talk about his work as a writer and director. His first movie is In Search of Darkness. This is a documentary about 80s Horror Movies. He is Kickstarting a new movie called In Search of Tomorrow about 80s Sci Fi. Below are links to everything you need to know. 

Apr 19, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

Mike Keneally

I am joined by the amazing Mike Keneally. He talks about his musical history. From working with Frank Zappa to his time with Steve Vai and so much more. We also talk about his new project -MFTJ he did with Scott Schorr. 

The music in the episode is from MFTJ and you can get it here: 

Apr 12, 2020

Beyond the Playlist 

Luke Fockler

I talk to guitar player Luke Fockler about his musical history and about his work in the bands he is currently in. He talks about the differences in writing and how both satisfy different parts of his need to create. 

The music heard in the episode is from Along Came a Spider and is...