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Dec 20, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer

I am joined by the multi-talented Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer. We talk about her work on Broadway in Hadestown and her new Christmas album If the Fates Allow and more.

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Dec 13, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

Andrew Scott Bell

I am joined by Andrew Scott Bell to talk about his work as a composer. We talk about the art of composing and working with both the director and the image. He also takes us inside of of his scores.

Oct 28, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

Mark Hofeling

Artistic Director and Designer Mark Hofeling joins me again to catch up on old time, fill me in on his work with Disney and talk horror movies.

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Oct 4, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

I am joined by actress Rosalyn Landor. We talk about her early roles in Hammer and The Amazing Mr. Blunden. We also talk about her role with Star Trek and her current work as a voice actress.

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Jun 7, 2020

Beyond the Playlist

John Boegehold

I am joined once again by the talented John Boegehold to talk about Pattern-Seeking Animals' new album Prehensile Tales. 

We talk about the differences in approaches between the first album and this one. We talk about writing and how to be aware of when to change directions. 

The music...