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Sep 9, 2015

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC

Dave Thomas


Dave was the drummer for the Ska band Stretch Armstrong (The Stretch Band, Stretch, Stretch Magnifico, etc). He also works as a director in the advertising world. He talks about his time with local, large national, and now more independent companies and how it all works on a creative level. We talk about music and how er learn to like and dislike certain things. We talk about working under a deadline and how advertising and almost any large creative endevor is a collabroative effort.


We also talk about his Kickstarter, Human Person -


This was a first because I broke into the show and played a song that I recorded at a live show in 1997. Then at the end, I play a song from his Kickstarter.


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Theme music by Magnus Sellergren featuring The Jimmy C and the New York Brass.

Cover Art by: Phil Rood