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Jul 31, 2016

*This episode contains language that may not be suitable for all ages. Discretion advised.*

Beyond the Playlist
Larry Longstreth

I talk to director and writer Larry Longstreth about his movie, Murders of the Brandywine Theater. We talk about how he got his start in film making. We talk about the process, struggles,...

Jul 17, 2016

Beyond the Playlist
Tim Alexander

I talk to drummer Tim Alexander about his work with Primus and his many other collaborations. We talk about his musical history and training. What kinds of music he is drawn to and much more. With the birds chirping behind him, we talk music.

Jul 3, 2016

Beyond the Playlist
3rd Annual Artist Roundtable 2016.

I am joined by Brian Dunaway, Matt Ducharme, Phil Rood, and Cater Johnson for this years roundtable.

To see the art that was created go to
If your podcast player supports chapters, then the art will be displayed as we talk about...