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Nov 27, 2019

Beyond the Playlist

Amanda Callas

I am joined by writer, producer Amanda Callas. We talk about her history as an academic and how that lead to a love of theater and how her path had taken her in many directions. We also spend a bit of time talking about food and how creativity plays into meal creation. 

Nov 24, 2019

Beyond the Playlist

Ian McFarland

I am joined by director, Ian McFarland. We talk about his history as a film maker and how music has played a role in his career. 

We then talk about his movie The Godfathers of Hardcore that features Agnostic Front.

Nov 17, 2019

Beyond the Playlist

John Meyer

I talk to musician and songwriter John Meyer. We talk about his history in music and in production. We also talk about his current project Paper Trail.

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Nov 10, 2019

Beyond the Playlist. 

I talk to singer, songwriter Leah about her history in music. Balancing family and her singing. We talk about her process of working with producers and how she has pushed herself to improve. 

We also talk about her album - Ancient Winter for more information follow the links below. 

Nov 3, 2019

Beyond the Playlist. 

I am joined by Amy Frost and JF Dubeau to talk about their new audio project Achewillow. Amy also talks about her new solo project after winning America's Next Top Podcaster and JF talks about the sequel to his acclaimed book God in the Shed.