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Jun 24, 2018

I talk to composer Jesse Harlin about his history working on various musical projects and video games. We also talk a lot about the work he put in on Yoku's Island Express. That was covered here:

The music during the episode is from Jesse's work "RV Alpha" From Star Wars: Republic Commando...

Jun 20, 2018

I am joined by writer, musician, composer Blake Best. We talk about his musical history and then we get into his work as a writer. 


Here is information about his current project with Mick Strawn:

Jun 17, 2018

Beyond the Playlist

Philip Shane

I talk to documentary filmmaker Philip Shane about his past works, history, and his future projects. We talk about his podcast and more. The film he is currently working on is The Myst Documentary. 

For about Philip:

Jun 10, 2018

Beyond the Playlist

Curt Chiarelli

I talk to scuptor, artist, and all-'round creative dude about his his work history, but we mostly talk generally about creativity and how people work, live and deal with struggles. It's is one of my favorite conversations this year.