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Dec 25, 2016

Beyond the Playlist
Brian Bradley

Writer, producer, actor, and podcaster, Brian Bradley Joins me to talk about all the cool things he does and has done. He has worked on Mad TV. written shows for ABC, and other networks. We talk about comedy and work that goes into it.

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Nov 27, 2016

Beyond the Playlist
Abby Miller and Jessica Lowrey

I talk to writer and actor Abby Miller and director Jessica Lowrey about their wok on the short film Certifiable. We talk about how they met, why they wanted to tell this story and much more. We also spend a lot of time talking about how good theater is for...

Nov 20, 2016

Beyond the Playlist
Brian Ibbott

Brian Ibbott joins me for his annual visit to talk Coverthon and to talk Christmas movies. We talk about the things Brian is up to and we talk about Christmas movies of various types. I stray from the topic a bit and my wife is displeased with my...

Nov 6, 2016

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC
Catherine Cavadini

I talk to actress, singer, and voice over artist Catherine Cavadini on this episode. I talk to her about how she found her start in the business. we talk about some of her techniques for the work she does. We also talk about a lot of other cool things she does to...

Oct 19, 2016

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC
Audrey Kearns

I talk to actress, writer, podcaster, and founder of Geek Girl Authority, Audrey Kearns in this episode. We talk about her history. We talk about he thoughts as a actor and a writer. We talk about her podcasts and so much more in this...