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Sep 27, 2015

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC
Robert Macy

I spend some time talking to Robert Macy. He generously supported AGM in a campaign to raise funds to improve there services and he picked this show as his perk. What was he thinking?

The playlist he picked was books that were adapted to movies. We talk about the book some...

Sep 20, 2015

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC

Marian Call


I talk to singer songwriter Marian Call. We talk about her musical upbringing and how she was trained as a musician. We talk about where she finds inspiration and how her what her process for writing is like. She talks about how finding an audience and defining success...

Sep 13, 2015

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC

Nicola Posener


I talk to actress Nicola Posener about her experiences as an actress. We talk about how she works with her emotions. She talks about her time working in theater. She talks about how she got her start and what she is working on...

Sep 9, 2015

Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC

Dave Thomas


Dave was the drummer for the Ska band Stretch Armstrong (The Stretch Band, Stretch, Stretch Magnifico, etc). He also works as a director in the advertising world. He talks about his time with local, large national, and now more independent companies and how it all works...